Building with timber can assist in offsetting the impact of global warming as timber is 49% of carbon by weight. Radiata Pine used in the production of Extreme Timber is sourced from Plantation forests, some producers in the Extreme Timber family have Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approval.

The advanced manufacturing processes utilised in the production of Extreme Timber products reduces the volume of waste timber going in to land fill or being downgrade for firewood. This ensure the maximum volume of carbon is stored away for the life of the timber. These processes include the removal of large non-structural defect followed by finger jointing and laminating techniques to create the sizes and dimensions necessary



All extreme posts and beams are certified GL8 by Bureau vertia.

Grade Characteristic Strengths (MPa) Elastic Moduli (MPa)
Bending Tension parallel to grain Shear in beam Compression parallel to grain Short modulus of elasticity parallel to end grain Short duration modulus of rigidity for beams
F7 20 10 2.1 15 7900 530
GL8 19 10 3.7 24 8000 530

Fixing joint - JD4